Available Badges

K8s Explorer

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K8s Apprentice

150 Points

Complete Lab 1: Build a First Kubernetes Cluster

K8s Architect

200 Points

Complete Lab 2: Build a First Kubernetes Application

K8s Defender

300 Points

Complete Lab 3: Backup Your Kubernetes Application

Helmsman K8s

K8s Helmsman

400 Points

Complete Module #1
(Labs 1, 2, & 3)

K8s Rookie

150 Points

Complete The KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Special Edition Lab

K8s Contender

450 Points

Complete Lab 4: Application Consistency

K8s Protector

450 Points

Complete Lab 5: Storage and Applications in Kubernetes

K8s Surveyor

450 Points

Complete Lab 7: Introduction to Kubernetes Security

K8s Assessor

500 Points

Complete Lab 8: Kubernetes Security – Intermediate Skills

K8s Monitor

500 Points

Complete Lab 14: Kubernetes Observability

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